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If you are stuck in transition wishing that one day your life will change, then it is time to reclaim your life and move through the stuck holding pattern of transition.

Your life is your canvas.  You may have painted yourself into a small, limited box where you feel stuck, but when you begin to shift your story, you have the power to step out of your box and paint all the possibilities that life has to offer.

Staying small isn’t serving you anymore. And waiting has only kept you in a holding pattern.

My life was the epitome of powerlessness and playing small, feeling stuck and knowing I wanted change but not knowing how to get there.  So instead I suffered, complained, and wished for a different life, hoping one day it would just show up.  But it didn’t.  I had to show up to my life.  I had to shift my story, and take action to create what I wanted.  And when I did, miracles happened.

By shifting your story and beliefs and healing old stuck energy, you return the power to transform your life, relationships, health, finances and reclaim the joy, happiness, and excitement that is your natural way of being.

Don’t wait another year to wait for things to change because they won’t change without you taking the action to change them.   Make the commitment to yourself to be the change you wish to see.

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Thank you so much for today. I feel so much better! It feels great to be heard and to have reflected back that which I am expressing.  I now see things (some that I already knew were true) but wasn’t quite ready to take action on. I’m ready now because of your gentle suggestion. I love and appreciate you, Angel. Thanks again for an hour of clarity.
Stephanie OsborneGallery OsborneLA

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