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What Others Are Saying

Christine’s message is clear, and is delivered through her voice and through her life.  She is able to cut through the lies that keep you in fear and limitation and show you the truth of who you really are, and she does it with love and compassion.  Her ability to see, to really see is her gift.  Christine has been a blessing for me.  My heart recognized who she was way before my mind could understand the greatness of gift that she is.

Alix PatinoGA

Christine has a way of delivering a message with unparalled honesty and compassion. Her ability to see each person’s story through the things that are and are not being said continues to amaze me. She challenges you to be honest with yourself and reminds you to love yourself every step of the way. I feel blessed to have known her for the past seven years for she emodies the greatest things in life – love, happiness, compassion.

Allison PenettPhotographerNY

Be prepared for a life changing experience! After just one conversation with Christine you will have clarity beyond measure and by the end of your program you will be armed with everything you need to truly live the life of your dreams. If you are reading this testimonial, trying to decide if this is right for you, I strongly encourage you to just say YES! Working with Christine is the best gift that you will ever give yourself!

Carole CassellWellness Coach

Christine is a truly gifted and special teacher to work with! With her boundless patience, awareness, and unconditional love, she will help you uncover all of your fear based beliefs that are keeping you from living the limitless life you deserve. Im very grateful to have the chance to work and grow with her and for the immense joy that comes with having her as a friend!

Jonathan AbellActorNY

Christine is wise beyond her years and her presence is so reassuring and peaceful. She has given me guidance and clarity when I needed it most. I love how she cuts through the BS to tell you just what you need to hear. She serves as an incredible reflection for others. If you are seeking to change your life for the better, I would encourage you to seek her out and jump at the chance to work with her.

Misty SummersLife Refinement Coach

Thank you so much for today. I feel so much better! It feels great to be heard and to have reflected back that which I am expressing.  I now see things (some that I already knew were true) but wasn’t quite ready to take action on. I’m ready now because of your gentle suggestion. I love and appreciate you, Angel.

Thanks again for an hour of clarity.

Stephanie OsborneGallery OsborneLA