Want to Remove the Blocks That Keep You Feeling Stuck Where You Are?  

A healing session is just what you need to clear old stagnant energy that keeps you in a holding pattern in your life.  Using a combination of acupressure, remote reiki, and tapping along with deep intent for releasing old emotions stored deep in your cell memory, a healing session will clear the way for you to keep moving forward in your life.

I have practiced many healing modalities including energy healing / reiki, mexican egg healings, acupressure techniques and EFT.  Lasting healing needs to happen in the mind, to clean up the old stories and wounds that keep us feeling stuck where we are.  However, healing techniques can bring instant clarity and energy back so you can have a clear pathway forward.

remote healing

What to Expect From The Healing Session:

  • We will focus in on one specific area or challenge.  I will be preparing for your healing session days before we meet to create a powerful intent for the session.
  • Using a combination of remote reiki, acupressure and tapping, we will move through a series of statements that will help to release the stuck energy/emotion and to integrate the healing in all areas of your life.
  • Intuitive insight to help you get true clarity around the situation so you can have lasting healing and clear next steps.

You will leave the session feeling lighter, with more clarity and ready to take action in your life!

Session Cost: $100.00 

Feel free to email me now with any questions you might have or make an appointment with me so that we can have a quick chat about your goals so we can tailor the best option for you.

Ready to Book?

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