Struggling with feeling stuck where you are and not clear how to shift it?

A Single Breakthrough Session is a 1 hour session where I will help you get right to the core of the situation and help you to see the pathways out of where you are towards where you want to be.  You will leave the session feeling clearer, lighter and with a plan of action to keep you moving toward what you want!  We will focus on the area you most want to shift or change.


What to Expect From Our Session:

  • We will  hone in on one area where you are having a challenge and using my intuitive scope, we will get right to the core of what needs to shift.
  • You will have a plan of action to take to break through and be one step closer to what you want.
  • Intuitive insight into your life to help you move forward in a clear way.
  • Get practical tools to use on a daily basis to start to help you improve relationships, communication, and help you handle life’s challenges as they come.
  • Leave the session feeling clearer, re-energized and having momentum to continue to create changes in your life!

Join me for a profound session that will kick start your engine and reinvigorate and inspire you to continue making the changes to transform your life.  If you feel stuck or unsure or just frustrated in any area of your life, this session is the perfect gift to yourself!  (Sessions can be over the phone or via Skype)

Session Cost: $100.00 

Feel free to email me now with any questions you might have or make an appointment with me so that we can have a quick chat about your goals so we can tailor the best option for you.

Ready to Book?

Great!!  Follow these simple steps to book your session!

1.  Pay for your session:

2.  Book Your Appointment Date & Time: or email me at and we can arrange a date/time.

3.  Then complete this questionnaire so I can tailor your session.

I am looking forward to working with you!