What would your life look like if you made the commitment to  to shift your story and take action to create the life you desire?

Imagine completely transforming your life, your relationships, your finances, business and/or career, so you feel happy, inspired, and you are actively creating your life and enjoying the process!

Transformation doesn’t have to take years, when you commit to yourself and your vision, and take consistent action, you can change your entire world.

This apprenticeship is a minimum commitment of 3 months, where you will get weekly guidance and support from me to help you shift your story and take the action in your life to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  If you are ready to stop suffering, stop making excuses, and to start creating the life of your dreams, then it is time to make the commitment to yourself.  With my intuitive guidance, you will get clear on what is holding you back and how to break through those barriers so you can once again live life with an open heart and be open to all the possibilities life has in store for you.

quantum leap



What to Expect From The Apprenticeship Program

  • Initial deep dive session to get clear on where you are, where you want to be and what is causing you to remain stuck in the holding pattern in your life, and how to begin to shift it.
  • Weekly sessions to delve deeper into the work to clear up stuck energy and patterns, and open a clear pathway towards the life you want to create.
  • Healing techniques to help move stuck / stagnant energy, old emotions stored in your cell memory, and inner child work to bring you back to wholeness.
  • You will learn powerful meditation / dreaming practice to help you shift your dream/life and begin to understand your nightly dreams and what your higher self is trying to tell you.
  • Weekly “homework” to keep integrating the changes into your life so you are actively transforming your life from the inside-out.

If you are ready to live the life you want instead of wishing for it, then give yourself this gift of transforming your life from the inside-out!  Don’t wake up a year from now with the same unfulfilled life, now is the time to make the shift and take the action to create what you truly desire. (Sessions can be over the phone, on Skype)

Program Cost: $300 / Month

Feel free to email me now with any questions you might have or make an appointment with me so that we can have a quick chat about your goals so we can tailor the best option for you.