About Christine

Take a Leap Beyond the Stories

that hold you back, and reclaim your happiness!

Christine Vida is a Transformational Coach and intuitive guide who helps women cut through and move beyond their limiting beliefs and wounds to heal and transform their lives from the inside-out.


Christine has spent most of her life on a spiritual journey to healing and awakening, and has worked with groups and individuals for over a decade to cut through the stories that hold them back, and reclaim their emotional freedom by healing the wounds that create the cycles of pain and limit their experience of freedom in their lives.  


True healing doesn’t have to take years, it can happen in a moment of shifting your perspective. But if you don’t start, you guarantee your life will be much of the same as now.

“If you are reading this, and you are committed to move beyond the beliefs that keep you feeling stuck, then my commitment is to guide you to find the truth and authenticity within yourself and empower you to take the action to transform your life from the inside out.”

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About Christine

What I have learned along the way…

  • Reclaiming your life starts with becoming aware of the predominant thoughts that keep you in fear
  • When you stop believing the thoughts and stories of “who you ARE”, your authentic self shines and you are more in the flow with life
  • Life will continue to test your commitment to yourself and your truth, as you let go of the long held stories and wounds, life responds accordingly, as within, so without
  • We aren’t the ideas we have held about ourselves, in fact, most of who we believe we are is just a thought that constricts us and keeps our experiences in life limited
  • The past doesn’t have to be a burden you carry into your present, to be able to show up fully in your life, reconciling and making peace with your past is key.  They too are ideas/memories we have held onto that keep our present life heavy and constricted
  • Freedom takes courage and honesty to drop the false concepts and allow yourself to FEEL and experience life in the moment