True freedom is already what you are

When you drop the stories of who you ‘think’ YOU are…



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What if you are already free, and only dreaming of your limitations….

You think that if you can just make enough money, find that special relationship, land that perfect job, that THEN you will be happy and at peace.

You seem to hit wall after wall, and begin to question what this life is for, what your purpose is, and how do you find true happiness.  The only problem is that the ‘YOU’ that has been searching your whole life is only an impostor.  It is an image you have of who you think you are based on all the beliefs and conditioning you have picked up.  That ‘YOU’ can never find happiness because it is only a dream.

The real you leaves nothing else to be desired, no where else to go, nothing to achieve in order to feel fulfilled.  It is there all along, but only eclipsed by the sense of ‘you’ that your faith has been poured into.  It is the witness of it all and is unaffected by the ups and downs that ‘you’ dream you are having.

What if you are able to wake up and come into the recognition of this true you?  What if there is no journey to get there?  What if all you need to do is let go?  Are you willing to let go of the stories and beliefs that keep you feeling bound as this ‘limited you’?

I am here to help.


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Christine Vida is a Spiritual & Intuitive Life Coach + Shamanic Energy Worker + Healer who’s mission is to help people break through limiting stories and patterns and reclaim their authenticity and power to re-create their lives. She apprenticed in the Toltec lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements and his apprentices and has worked with healing modalities including Reiki, tapping, Shamanic energy work and Toltec Dreaming which she incorporates into her workshops and individual coaching and apprenticeship programs.


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Stephanie Osborne | Gallery Owner
Thank you so much for today. I feel so much better! It feels great to be heard and to have reflected back that which I am expressing.  I now see things (some that I already knew were true) but wasn’t quite ready to take action on. I’m ready now because of your gentle suggestion. I love and appreciate you, Angel. Thanks again for an hour of clarity.
Stephanie OsborneGallery OsborneLA

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